To people .

To people


It’s easy to think sexual assault is something that happens other places.

But sexual assault has affected people in this room.



Sexual assault is one of the most under-reported crimes in Kansas.
Most often, offenders are known to their victims.

Of 1000 sexual assaults1, less than 250 are
reported to law enforcement.

Less than 50 of those reports
lead to arrest.

Less than 10 offenders
are ever convicted.

Of 1000 sexual assaults1, less than 250 are
reported to law enforcement.

Less than 50 of those reports
lead to arrest.

Less than 10 offenders
are ever convicted.

Less than 5 offenders are ever incarcerated.

0 %
of sex offenders commit more than one rape.2 A serial offender commits an average of seven rapes each year.3

By the time a serial sex offender has a first conviction, they’ve committed an average of 49 rapes. If never convicted, a serial sex offender will commit an average of 196 rapes.3

0 %

of sex offenders commit other acts of violence,2 such as domestic battery, assault, harassment, stalking, and homicide.

Let’s Talk About

If we truly want to end rape culture and sexual assault,
as a society we must all take a stand.

Each of us has to acknowledge that:

Sexual assault happens here.

Sexual assault deeply affects victims.

Victims deeply affect communities.

Your community deeply affects your life.

You’re capable of making a difference.

Here’s what you can do to increase accountability:

Here’s what you can do to increase accountability:


Be courageous by challenging your own attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.
Educate yourself on how to respond when you see sexually aggressive or problematic behavior.


In your relationships, engage in conversations about safety and respect. Teach your children about consent.
Challenge sexually aggressive comments.
Set examples of respect.


Communities should communicate sexual assault will not be tolerated. We can do this by supporting efforts, organizations, and services that strengthen community sanctions and focus on holding offenders accountable.


Challenge societal norms that blame victims, support sexual violence, or use violence as an acceptable way to resolve conflict. Support laws and policies that promote victim safety and increase offender accountability.

this room.

You can transform the rooms you’re in.

Change the conversation. Place responsibility on offenders. Lend support when it’s needed. Report sexual assault when it happens.

How You
Can help.

It’s up to each of us to take a stand against sexual assault. Start by changing the conversations in your home, school, work, church, and social life. Together, we can help hold offenders accountable.

Reporting sexual assault to law enforcement is only one method of serving justice. Each of us can offer victims justice by acknowledging their experiences without judgment, placing the blame on offenders where it belongs, and influencing the world around us to end rape culture.


learn more about what you can do.

it's on all of us.

Change the conversation, focus on offender accountability, and support victims.

If someone you know is sexually assaulted:

Listen to them without judgment, encourage them to report the crime, and offer your support and to connect them with resources.

If you are sexually assaulted:

Seek support from someone you trust and report the assault to authorities.

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This campaign was developed by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation as part of the Kansas Sexual Assault Kit Initiative.